Coming Soon LG Mobile Phone Prices in Pakistan 2023-24

Coming Soon LG Mobile Phone Prices in Pakistan

New LG Smartphones Coming Soon in Pakistan

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LG Coming Soon Mobile Prices List in Pakistan 2024

1. LG W41  Rs. 29,999

2. LG W41 Plus Rs. 34,999

3. LG W41 Pro Rs. 37,999

4. LG Stylo 7

5. LG Q63 

6. LG Q52

7. LG W31 Rs. 28,999

8. LG K92

9. LG K62 Rs. 39,999

10. LG W11 Rs. 24,999

11. LG K71 Rs. 34,999

12. LG Q31 Rs. 25,999

13.LG Wing Rs. 198,999

14. LG K52 Rs. 31,999

15.LG K31s Rs. 28,999

16. LG K42 Rs. 34,999

17. LG Q92 Rs. 64,999

18. LG K31 Rs. 21,999

19. LG Phoenix 5 Rs. 18,999

20. LG Q61 Rs. 49,999

21.LG Stylo 6 Rs. 38,999

22.LG Velvet Rs. 69,999

23.LG Folder 2 Rs. 28,999

24. LG W10 Alpha Rs. 24,999

25. LG V60 ThinQ 5G Rs. 179,999

26.LG Velvet Rs. 69,999

27. LG G8X ThinQ Rs. 115,999

28. LG Q70 Rs. 75,999

29. LG G8s ThinQ Rs. 120,999

30. LG Stylo 5 Rs. 39,999

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